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269   50 inch Chelsea Necklace
306   Abundance Black Sapphire Bracelet - People Magazine Special!
124   Abundance Bracelet
137   Abundance Gray Onyx Earrings
135   Abundance Labradorite Bracelet
136   Abundance Labradorite Necklace 50"
134   Abundance Mystic Black Sapphire Necklace or Chain 16"
133   Abundance Mystic Black Sapphire Necklace or Chain 50"
90   Abundance Tourmaline Long
153   Abundance Tourmaline Medium
154   Abundance Tourmaline Short
331   Amethyst Briolette and Iolite Drop Earrings
309   Amethyst Enhancer
82   Be My Bride Elegant Large Crystal Quartz Briolette with Pave Top
81   Be My Bride Long Teardrop Briolette of Crystal Quartz and Pearls
86   Be My Bride Multi Strand White Pearl Choker/Necklace with Dangling Crystal Back
116   Be My Bride Pearl Cluster Earrings
41   Be My Bride Pearl Crystal Choker Necklace
42   Be My Bride Pearl Rose Quartz Bracelet
43   Be My Bride Rose Quartz Pearl Crystal Earrings
83   Be My Bride Softly Frosted Large Crystal Quartz Earring with Pearls
300   Black Pearls Onyx Lace Earrings
193   Black Sapphire 50" Chain Necklace
333   Black Sapphire Bracelet Silver
00005227   Black Sapphire Necklace Bunch Necklace with Blue Diamond Quartz
242   Black Sapphire Willow Necklace
255   Blue Quartz Pendant Necklace Enhancer
294   Blue Topaz 50" Chain Necklace in Gold
293   Blue Topaz 50" Chain Necklace in Silver
338   Blue Topaz and Blue Quartz Necklace
268   Blue Topaz Droplet Earrings
00004527   Breast Cancer Research Foundation Bracelet/ Bangle
00006552   Breast Cancer Research Foundation Cancer Necklace
217   Briolette Drop Earrings
339   Brown Garnet And Faceted Stones Necklace 50"
178   Champagne Quartz Drop Earrings - Featured on Family Circle
254   Citrine 50" Chain Necklace
286   Citrine Briolette Drop Earrings
313   Citrine Grapes Earrings
270   Citrine Satin Drop Earrings on Gossip Girl
274   Classic Satin Drop Earrings - Seen on Kelly Rutherford in Gossip Girl
107   Classics Citrine Earrings
58   Creamy Pastel Blue Crystal Quartz Earring
56   Creamy Pastel Citrine Crystal Quartz Earring
57   Creamy Pastel Pearl Crystal Quartz Earring
55   Creamy Pastel Prehnite Crystal Earring
76   Creamy Pastel White Crystal Pearl Ring
74   Crystal Candy Pink Crystal Pearl Ring
75   Crystal Candy Yellow Crystal Pearl Citrine Ring
100   Don't Leaf Me Earrings
101   Don't Leaf Me Necklace
102   Don't Leaf Me Ring
103   Don't Leaf Me White Crystal Earring
GossipGirl   Drops Necklace from Gossip Girl
197   Empress Blue Topaz Lariat
279   Eve's Garden 50" Lariat
7   Eve's Garden 54" Jade Pearl Prehnite Necklace Lariat
Garfield   Fleurotica Necklace Garfield Park Conservatory
275   Garnet 50" Chain Necklace
296   Garnet Bunches Necklace
298   Garnet Grapes Earrings
297   Garnet Wreath Earrings Gold
265   Glam Earrings
332   Golden Calcite Briolette Earrings
264   Golden Rutilated Quartz Necklace
335   Green Amber Lariat One Of A Kind
253   Green Amethyst 50" Chain Necklace
261   Green Amethyst and Smokey Quartz Necklace
277   Green Gold Briolette Earrings
108   Green Gold Bunches Earring
117   Green Gold Bunches Earring with Satin Top
291   Green Gold Drop Threader Earrings - Featured in Family Circle
GGEarring   Green Gold Drops Earrings From Gossip Girl
131   Green Gold Earring with Golden Haystack
95   Green Gold Earrings with Satin Ball
92   Green Gold Peridot Necklace
336   Green Gold Round Briolette With Pyrite Chain Necklace
208   Happy Cherry Quartz Drop Earrings
205   Haystacks Loop Onyx Earrings
80   Incantato Rhodium Overlay Silver Flower Ring
79   Incantato Rose Gold Overlay Silver Flower Ring
78   Incantato Yellow Gold Overlay Silver Flower Ring
326   Lolite 50" Chain Necklace
290   London Blue Topaz Earrings With Flower Top
232   Lucky Bracelet in Gold
115   Mini Tzen Green Gold Bracelet - Mini Her
114   Mini Tzen Green Gold Bracelet - Mom
267   Multi Color Gemstone and Moonstone Lariat
337   Multi Color Tourmaline Single With Faceted Smoky Qtz And Green Gold
182   One Of A Kind Satin Necklace
257   Onyx and Black Sapphire Earrings
210   Peach Dream Earrings
220   Peach Dream Topaz Necklace
45   Pure Bliss Aquamarine Pearl Necklace 17"
334   Pyrite and 100 Carat Sapphire One Of A Kind
266   Pyrite Cushion Cut Bracelet
262   Pyrite Cushion Cut Smokey Quartz Necklace
259   Pyrite Smokey Quartz Earrings
289   Red Garnet Bracelet
278   Rose Quartz Grapes Earrings
211   Rutilated Quartz Triple Drop Earrings, 18K, Silver
280   Satin Drop Earrings With 7 Circle Topper
285   Satin Flower Necklace
263   Single Golden Briolette Bunches Necklace
292   Small Round Quartz Earrings With White Pearl Bunches Silver
126   Smokey Earrings
260   Smokey Quartz and Citrine Necklace
288   Smokey Quartz Earrings
287   Smokey Quartz Haystacks Necklace
256   Smokey Quartz Pendant Necklace Enhancer
128   Smokey Royal Lariat 50" Carnelian
127   Smokey Royal Lariat 50" Smokey Quartz
327   Smoky Quartz White Topaz Tier Necklace
SKCGP   Solving Kids' Cancer Gold Butterly Pendant Necklace
SKCSP   Solving Kids' Cancer Gold Butterly Pendant Necklace
SKCGC   Solving Kids' Cancer Gold Cufflinks
SKCSC   Solving Kids' Cancer Silver Cufflinks
123   Spotted! Kelly Rutherford with "Abundance 50" Necklace - Grand" on Gossip Girl and while shopping with Hermes...
star   Stardust Bangle - Featured in Chicago Collection
05   Sweet Grapes Bracelet
73   Sweet Grapes Jade Crystal Pearl Ring
122   Sweet Honey Earrings
121   Sweet Honey Necklace
299   The New Black Pearls of Onyx with Lace
301   Tourmalated Oval from Gossip Girl
32   True Blue Crystal Quartz Earrings
33   True Blue Quartz Pendant Necklace Enhancer
147   True Blue Small Earrings
295   Twisted Quartz Briolette Drop Threader Earrings With Pearl
98   TZEN Ring Band
99   TZEN Ring Diamond Cut Crystals
SatinPouch   TZEN Travel Pouch
282   Williow White Topaz Earrings Silver
284   Willow Layers of White Topaz Necklace
173   Willow Mystic Black Sapphire Earrings
283   Willow White Topaz Bracelet in Silver
281   Willow White Topaz Necklace
150   Wrapped in Gold Duo Necklace
271   Wrapped in Gold Earrings
273   Wrapped in Gold Mini Earrings
104   Wrapped in Gold Peridot 16 -20" Necklace
105   Wrapped in Gold Peridot Earrings
148   Wrapped in Gold Simple Elegant Brushed Gold Disc Earrings
272   Wrapped in Gold with 7 Circle Top Earrings

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